Uson Leakage Detector

A leakage detector is a device that is used to identify the unintended overflow of liquid or gases. A large number of accidents take place in the factories quite often, which not only cause damage to property and equipment but also cause harm to the employees and factory workers. Thus, having an upstanding leakage detector, such as Uson leakage detector installed in your factory or organization can save you both money and time.

About Uson leakage detector

Uson leakage detector has effortlessly managed to keep their position in the market as a leader in the production of leakage detector equipment; it has been about 40 years since the arrival of Uson in the market. Even today, the company is one of the most prestigious leakage detector manufacturing companies known, especially because Uson provides devices and equipment for every type of leakage problems. Some of these problems are leakage testing, non-destructive testing or leakage detection. Uson’s standards are internationally established and world-class, and the products manufactured by Uson are used by the world’s leading companies and industries.

Benefits of Going With Uson

With so many companies and contractors offering leakage detector services, you’re probably wondering what sets Uson apart from the rest. Well, first of all, it’s important that you realize that the mere fact of having a leakage detection system will bring benefits on its own. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s always better to prevent rather than regret. A few of the benefits of contracting Uson are:

  • Save large amount of money by being alerted in case any leakage occurs
  • Less probabilities of having accidents take place in your business
  • Reduced risk of having an injured worker or a broken piece of equipment

Types of Uson Leakage Detectors

Uson provides a wide range of leakage detectors, such as:

  • Prex Leak Test Systems – These systems come in both manual and automatic versions; they are capable of fixing basic malfunctions, as well as coupling problems.
  • Sprint IQ Leak Testers – Thisequipmentis designed to test and detect the gas leaks and flows in either a single channel or in multi channels. These Uson leakage detectors are equipped with excellent communication functions which make it far easier and convenient to interact with peripheral tools.
  • TestraPd – This is an uncommonly strong pressure Uson leakage detector; it’s not just an ordinary leakage detector but it also contains various incredible features like data analysis, throughput analysis and test sequences analyzer. The TestraPd is a genuine leakage detector when it comes to detecting those components that are present in extremely small amounts.
  • Vector Leak Tester- When it comes to speed and durability, no other device could be any better than the Vector leakage detector. One exceptionally strong feature of this product is the Software of this product that runs on Windows Operating System. Thus, it’s remarkably easy and far convenient to use this leakage detector.


At Uson, they combine their extensive knowledge with vast experience to optimize the use of Uson Leakage detector for maximizing results.




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Uson Leakage Detector