Leakage Detector

Every year, there are numerous accidents that could have been avoided if there was a leakage detector. As you may already know, a leakage detector is used to detect any type of leakage of gas, liquid or substance that could be dangerous to the human health. Moreover, in cases where the leakage isn’t necessarily life-threatening, it can certainly make the business lose money; therefore, leakage detectors can also help you maintain your budget by avoiding any unnecessary waste of money. Depending on the city or country you’re located you may have to check with the local authorities in regards to pipeline regulation and leakage detector.

Benefits of a Leakage Detector

There are various benefits that come with making proper use of a leakage detector; some of them are:

  • Save money –a leakage detector will let you know if there is a leak in your pipe system. This will help you save money because it will prevent you from having to buy extra amount of gas or liquid.
  • Prevent accidents – when installing a leakage detector, you will be able to prevent any type of accident, such as a fire or an explosion.
  • Protect employees –having a leak can mean that your employees are vulnerable to intoxication. By installing leakage detectors, you will be able to evacuate them before the leakage reaches dangerous levels.


As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why you should install a leakage detector in your work area. They are very common in large industrial workplaces, such as factories or even some types of storage rooms and warehouses.

Types of Leakage Detectors

Certainly, there are different types of leakage detectors available for sale and installation. Even though they vary in size and capacity, there are two main types of leakage detectors, which are called residual leakage detector and virtual leakage detector. The first type of leakage detector is the most conventional and real type of detectorand the alarm goes off depending on the setting that the owner has chosen. The second type of leakage detector is part of a larger system, where it becomes a component of a vacuum system; the detector will recognize the leak depending on the speed with which the gases or liquid travel. The only problem with this type of detector is that often they send out misleading leakage reports.

Finding the Right Leakage Detector

In order to find the right leakage detector, it’s important that you first determine how much money you have available for the purchase. Also, you will need to know specific information about your workplace, such as:

  • Number of employees
  • Type of gas or liquid that will be monitored
  • Size
  • Pipeline system
  • Determine if you need high rise leakage detection
  • Find out about local regulations


Once you have this information, you will be able to have a better idea on what type of leakage detector you need. In some cases, local authorities might require businesses to obtain a certain type of leakage detector that has been proven to be efficient.





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Leakage Detector