Leak Detection Training

If you are looking for a reliable leak detection training school then you must first determine the type of training that you’re looking for, and the amount of money you have available. If possible, it’s recommended to attend an internationally acclaimed leak detection training school, in case that you travel overseas to work. By doing so, you will be capable of obtaining the training, skills, and knowledge you want in order for you to take part in the competitive world of leak detection industry. Various leak detection training schools have earned their reputation due to the high-quality programs that they offer for new trainees. In addition, a well-trained individual has a lot more chances of getting hired by a reputable leak detection company.

Training at the Right Cost

Among the many leak detecting training schools, there are quite a few that have been in business for several years. The Leak Detection School of Orlando, FL is a company that has franchises all over the state, and a few overseas. The sustained growth of the company has remained as the primary focus, as well providing high quality leak detection training, which can be offered to anybody in Florida and the world. Furthermore, this leak detecting training school has decided to pair up with the growing online schooling trend, and they have made it possible for students to purchase the complete tutorial and manual for accurate leak detection all in one single DVD. Consequently, this gives the student the freedom of choosing between attending an actual class, orlearning on his or her own with the DVD.

Precision Utility Location

With a wealth of experience in the field of leak detection, Precision Utility Location has informed that every person who is interested to undergoing leak detection training can enroll at their training school. Successful enrollees get the privilege ofobtaining the skills and knowledge they need from the Precision Utility’s well-skilled, experienced, professional, and licensed trainers. Moreover, this leak detection training school also offers various comprehensive training packages to suit the different requirements of their students.

What to Expect in a Leak Detection Training Course?

Correlation Theory – involves the different theories of leak detection methods and strategies

  • Practical Sessions – these are sessions which allows trainees to apply what they have learned in different practical situations, thus allowing them to know the do’s and don’ts in leak detection.
  • Localizing and Pinpointing Techniques – these are commonly done once the trainees have already identified the kind of leak they need to repair; this is usually determined during his practical application of the skills and knowledge they have learned. It’s expected for the trainees to come up with the right tools or equipment to be used and the right techniques to be applied on a specific leak detection project.
  • There are  also specific modules that are related to noise logging
  • Step testing
  • Pipe tracing


Keep in mind that every leak detection training school might offer different techniques and methods, but the main goal is always the same: to successfully detect and repair a leak, in order to prevent future consequences.





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Leak Detection Training