Air Leak Detectors

Air leak detectors come in a number of types, shapes and sizes with some larger detectors weighing a few hundred pounds. These types of detectors are designed to detect air leaks in a system that uses compressed air or regular air which is usually a part of a manufacturing plant. Some detectors referred to as heavy duty detectors and then there are also those which are referred to as mobile detectors and weigh a few ounces and can simply be carried around in a pocket.

There are mainly two types of air leak detectors i.e. manual detectors and electronic detectors. Both these detectors work slightly differently with the electronic detector costing more than its manual counterpart. An air leak detector is usually used in the following systems:

  • It can be used in a system that utilizes compressed natural air, since a leak can result in down time for the system.
  • It can also be used in systems where air is used as part of a manufacturing process, usually in the plastics industry.
  • Air leak detectors can also be used to detect leaks of other gases from a system.

Manual air leak detectors

Manual air leak detectors have been used for a few decades and even though they have been around for while they are mostly regarded as being inaccurate and require some skill to operate. A manual detector utilizes gauges and pumps in order to detect a leak. The manual detector will sound an alarm as soon as the overall pressure of a particular system drastically or suddenly goes down for no reason. However, manual detectors tend to be large and are usually installed as part of a manufacturing system that uses compressed air.

Portable electronic air detectors

Electronic air detectors work by mostly using microwave waves and sensors to track down and find a leak. The detector will send out a series of electronic signals and will then calculate if there is a leak based on their returning resonance, this is a lot like how a military radar or a ground penetrating radar works. However, the good thing about electronic systems is that they are portable and can be taken around easily in order to detect and fix leaks. There are also larger electronic systems which are usually mounted on vehicles and are used to find leaks in large networks of compressed air pipelines.  

Where to buy air leak detectors from?

There are a number of places from where you can purchase air leak detectors. There are many online stores which also sell these detectors at lower prices. However, before you purchase a detector you should know exactly what purpose it will serve so that you can get the right detector for the job. Often times businesses will not need expensive detectors costing thousands of dollars but rather just a simple $50 detector. In addition if you’re sure what you want to buy then purchasing online makes sense since many online stores tend to offer lower prices than their offline counterparts.



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