Combustion Leakage Detector

A combustion leak detector is often used to check if there is a leak in a combustion engine. The detector is mostly used by technicians in the automotive industry to diagnose a combustion engine and find possible manufacturing defects. Before the widespread use of electronic combustion leak detectors mechanics would use a simple solution of soap and water to find leaks in an engine, the soap would form bubbles if there was gas leaking from the engine. However, the problem with conventional soap and water solutions was that it could not tell a mechanic exactly how much gas was leaking and exactly where the leak was. But with the latest detectors this is possible and it only takes a few minutes to locate a leak.

There are various types of combustion leak detectors which include:

  • Pressure checkers – These types of combustion leak detectors work by checking the pressure of a combustion engine.
  • Electronic sensor type combustion leak detectors – These have the highest accuracy rate and can detect leaks by sensing the amount of gas leaking from an engine.
  • Sonic leak detectors: These can detect leaks in large combustion engines by using ultra high frequency sound waves.

Which is the best combustion leakage detector?

Now because there are so many different types of leakage detectors many people want to know which ones are the best. The fact of the matter is that the best one for you will be based on what you need a check for in the first place. If you just need to check if your car’s engine is leaking you can use a handheld combustion leakage checker which uses sensors. However, if you need to check if a large ship’s or aircrafts combustion engine has a leak you are better off choosing a sonic leak detector. If you are not sure what leak detector will work best for you, you can always call up an online sore or visit an offline one and the store clerk or the technician there should be able to assist you.

How much does a combustion leakage detector cost?

The price of a combustion leakage detector will mainly depend on its type, make and model. Many imported models (made in China) tend to be cheaper even though they have a very short life i.e. they are not durable. If you are looking for durability you may want to purchase something which has been locally manufactured. A car combustion leakage detector / a hand held detector can cost you around $500 while a larger detector can cost you over $100.

Can I purchase a combustion leakage detector online?

There are many online stores that sell combustion leakage detectors. However, because online stores sell many different types of detectors a person who is not a technician will often be confused. If you are confused the best thing for you to do is to call up the store and speak to someone, tell them about what you need the detector for and they should be able to help you.



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