Oil Leak Detector

An oil leak detector is a special type of detector which helps businesses find leaks in their oil pipelines. In the United States it is mandatory for all businesses to use the best detection methods to find and eliminate leaks in their system; businesses that do not comply often suffer from heavy losses in the way of wasted oil as well as sanctions and penalties imposed on them by the government. However, unlike other types of detectors oil leak detectors are large but need to be very accurate since a leak can cause environmental damage. The latest detectors use microchips and computer software to help engineers find leaks in a system.

There are various types of oil leak detectors which include the following:

  • Manual oil leak detectors – These are conventional detectors that work by monitoring the pressure of oil in system of pipes. These types of detectors are not very accurate and are known to sound false alarms.
  • Electronic detectors – over the years electronic detectors have become smaller and more accurate but they are still larger than most other types of detectors. The good thing about them is that they are very accurate.
  • Sensor based detectors – These types of detectors are usually placed along an oil pipeline and constantly send information back to the control center. As soon as there is a leak the affected system will light up in the central command unit of the company.

Purchasing an oil leak detector

An oil leak detector is expensive and large; this is something which an individual will not want to purchase unless they have some other use for it. Oil leak detectors are usually purchased by large oil companies that need to constantly monitor their pipelines to ensure that they are leak free. An oil leak detector can rage in the tens of thousands of dollars with sensor type detectors costing a few hundred dollars a unit.

Installing an oil leak detector

Installing a detector is not easy and is only possible for someone who is a technician or an oil engineer, since the detector often needs to be wired to the central command unit of the company. In addition oil leak detectors will also need to be regularly maintained and monitored to ensure that they are working properly, once again this too is something that only an engineer or a technician can do. This is why many of the purchases made for detectors are by engineers who are in charge of ensuring that the pipelines they are responsible for are functioning correctly.

Can you purchase an oil leak detector online?

There are a few companies online selling oil leak detectors but the fact of the matter is that unless you know what you need, purchasing online can be difficult. Many times engineers will send over specifications to a company or a number of different companies for a quote. Many online companies are able to offer lower rates simply because doing business online is cheaper which is why many engineers prefer to make their purchases online.



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