Hydrogen Leak Detector

Hydrogen is probably the most commonly used gas both in the manufacturing industry as well as in the automobile industry. Today as the number of hydrogen powered vehicles increases there is also a growing need for small, portable and easy to use hydrogen leak detector. However, many of the detectors used today can be classified as industrial use detectors and are commonly found in industries that utilize hydrogen as part of their manufacturing process.

There are various uses for a hydrogen leak detector which includes:

  • It is used to detect hydrogen gas leaks in hydrogen powered cars.
  • Detectors are often used to find leaks in hydrogen tanks.
  • Hydrogen powered machines also need to be regularly monitored using high end hydrogen leak detectors.
  • Smaller hydrogen leak detectors are used to find leaks in small businesses machines that rely on hydrogen gas.

What is a traditional hydrogen leak detector?

A traditional hydrogen leak detector uses mechanical detection techniques such as pumps and gauges to detect a leak. These types of detectors are fairly accurate but they need to be installed as part of the system so that the slightest drop in pressure can be reported. These types of systems are most commonly found in manufacturing plants that rely on hydrogen powered machines. In addition some early model hydrogen vehicles also used a similar technology to report leaks to a driver.

The advantage of using a hydrogen leak detector with sensors

Some of the latest hydrogen leak detectors incorporate sensors which sense the presence of hydrogen gas outside of the system.  The advantage of using these detectors is that they do not have to be a part of the system and can easily be carried around the affected area in order to detect a leak. This is why these types of sensors are now increasingly being used by auto mechanics that specialize in repairing hydrogen powered green vehicles. These types of detectors are also now being used in industries that rely on a steady supply of high pressure hydrogen gas to run their machines.

Finding a hydrogen leak detector

You may probably not be able to find a hydrogen leak detector locally i.e. from your local store, however, if you are interested in purchasing a leak detector you can search online. There are many stores selling high quality leak detectors manufactured by some of the best companies in America, these instruments are accurate and also relatively cheap. If you own a hydrogen powered car you would want to invest in a high end leak detector for your own safety.

How much does a hydrogen leak detector cost?

The cost of a leak detector can vary depending on its type and technology. The latest detectors that use sensors are slightly more expensive but they are easy to use. There are also some manufacturers that set a higher price for their products as compared to others, so a comparison shopping should help you find a good deal. The cost of a detector can range from around $200 to over $1000.



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