Subsurface Leak Detection

We have so many different types of pipes and cables running under our homes and offices that knowing if there is a leak before its too late without subsurface leak detection devices is near impossible. Often time’s water pipes or sewage lines will begin to leak without the homeowner’s knowledge and result in losses sometimes worth thousands of dollars as well as lowering the value of his property. This is why subsurface leak detection is so important, without proper and regular detection the chances of these types of losses increase tremendously.

How does subsurface leak detection work?

Subsurface detection requires a number of high tech instruments which should be able to penetrate the surface layer in order to find a leak underneath. Some of the most common instruments used are:

  • Audio equipment – Unlike conventional audio equipment these use very sensitive microphones in order to listen for leaks underground.
  • Ultrasound devices – Like the medical ultrasound used to view a baby in a mother’s womb these devices send ultrasound signals down into the earth in order to pinpoint the source of a leak. This also helps to give an engineer a good look of what things look like, underneath without having to dig.
  • Infrared sensors – The special sensors can penetrate the surface of the earth and sound an alarm when it finds some sort of abnormality.

Hiring a subsurface leak detection expert

The best way to avert an unexpected disaster caused by a subsurface leak is to call in an expert to scan for leaks. An expert is often someone who uses a number of different instruments in order to find leaks. This expert may also be accompanied by a number of other people who specialize in repairing underground leaks without causing much damage to your property; their objective will be to mainly just fix the problem in the cheapest way possible. It is advised that you get your property scanned for leaks every year and as soon as you suspect that there is a gas or water leak.

The overall costs of Subsurface leak detection

The cost of this type of detection service can vary and it will mainly depend on how good the company is as well as what their policies are. Many companies will charge you on an hourly basis but will try to work in the fastest manner possible so that you incur few costs in the way of their fees and repairs to your home. However, it is important to understand that detecting subsurface leaks is a difficult and time consuming task even for experts who have many years of experience. This is why it would be great if your home insurance covered the costs.

How to hire a subsurface leak detection team?

The best way to find a team is to search online, there are numerous businesses with websites which can be contacted directly and will visit your property prior to providing you with a quote. It is important that you get a few quotes prior to hiring someone.



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