Infrared Leak Detection

If you are getting your property renovated there may be a chance that a number of leaks, cracks and numerous forms of damage to your pipelines are going unnoticed. The only way for you to know for sure if there are potential problems just waiting to happen is to get infrared leak detection. This is a special type of detection procedure which scans right through your walls and flooring in order to find leaks which could potentially happen over the course of a few months. These leaks if anything can cause widespread property damage resulting in lowering the value of your property.

Who can benefit from infrared leak detection?

There are a number of people who can benefit from infrared leak detection which includes:

  • Builders: These people often invest thousands of dollars in renovation projects and so knowing if there is a disaster waiting to happen, means that they will save thousands of dollars in additional repairs.
  • Property owners: If proper infrared leak detection scans are run on a regular basis (around twice a year) the potential for unexpected disasters in the way of leaks goes down dramatically.
  • Landlords: people who own apartments and often rent them out can benefit from getting their apartments scanned before and after they give it on rent in order to avoid lawsuits if a tenant’s belongings are destroyed by a leak or fire.

What can infrared leak detection procedures help to detect?

There are a number of things that these types of detection procedures can help detect which include:

  • It can detect water leaks from under the floor, within the walls or in your yard
  • Find plumbing problems such as blocks in the drain or water pipes
  • Electrical hot spots can be found which are fire hazards
  • Find the nests of rodents and pests
  • Find moisture which ordinary moisture meters cannot detect
  • Ensure that your home is not leaking energy
  • Find HVAC issues such as ill-fitting, and loose fitting


Hiring an infrared leak detection service

The best way to get your property inspected is to hire a leak detection service. These services do not cost a lot but the technicians come well prepared for everything. If you are not sure where to hire these people from you can always search online or go through the yellow pages. There are probably hundreds of experts around the United States, but you should probably narrow down your search to your town or city. Make sure to get a few quotes from different detection services prior to settling upon a specific service.

How much does infrared leak detection cost?

It can cost anywhere from around $15 to over $50 an hour depending on the service’s policies and their experience. However, it is always a good idea to hire the most experienced people for the job since they should be able to find things that others can’t which saves you time and money in the long term.



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