Correlator Leak Detection

Underground water and sewage pipes are probably one of the cleverest inventions of the modern world with one drawback being is that you never know when they will start leaking until it damages your property. Property owners have often reported water filling up in their backyards for no apparent reason until a correlator leak detection team discovers that a leak in their underground sewage or water system caused the flooding. The best way to prevent such leaks and resulting disasters is to always get your home properly scanned by a professional team of detection experts who should be able to find and fix any existing and potential problems before it becomes too late.

How does correlator leak detection work?

Different experts use different methods of finding and removing leaks but in the majority of cases they use the same tools. These tools are often specialized tools which are able to penetrate the surface of the earth in order to determine if there is a leak. The most commonly used tools include:

  • Ground penetrating radar: These mini-radars as they are called can detect leaks and locate underground pipes.
  • Ultrasound machines: These help engineers find potential cracks in pipes as well as locate existing leaks which are too small to be detected by the ground penetrating radar. In addition ultrasound machines help an engineer get a look at the pipe beneath without really having to dig.
  • Underground mapping systems: These are often used in conjunction with a building’s or home’s blueprints in order to find the right water, gas and sewage pipelines running under ground and behind walls.

Finding good correlator leak detection

If you are looking for a good leak detection service you can either call up a few companies listed in the telephone directory or you can search online. The advantage of searching online is that you also get to read reviews and testimonials from people who have used different services, so obviously you’ll be in a better position to choose the right leak detection company for the job. In addition the internet will also help you find out exactly what steps are involved in correlator leak detection prior to having to hire someone; this should help you make the necessary arrangements.

The cost of correlator leak detection

The cost of hiring a service like this can differ and will mainly depend on the size of the property as well as the company’s own payment terms and conditions. However, generally speaking you should always get a few quotes from different companies in order to both find out more about how they will go about finding leaks as well as finding the cheapest service. The average per hour rate for a detection service is around $40 an hour which also includes patching up and fixing broken / leaking lines. But compared to what you will end up paying if the water damages your property the cost is not much and it should help you retain the value of your home.



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