Types of Leakage Detector

There are various types of leakage detector but the majority of types are designed to detect gas leaks. Many conventional leakage detector work by measuring the pressure of a gas in a given system of pipes and sounds an alarm if the pressure goes down suddenly for some reason. However, some of the latest detectors use sensors that can detect the presence of a gas leak.  Each type of gas leakage detector works slightly differently and so the detector you purchase should be based on what type of gas leak you need to detect.

Some common categories of a leakage detector

While there are leakage detectors for almost everything that flows through a pipe some of the more common detectors are:

  • Air leakage detectors – often used in industries that utilize compressed gas
  • Natural gas leakage detectors – These are mostly used by the gas company or plumbers who specialize in repairing gas lines.
  • Hydrogen gas leakage detectors – Similar to natural gas detectors they work by monitoring the pressure of gas or by utilizing specialized sensors

The air leakage detector is one of the most common Types of leakage detector

There a number of different types of air leakage detectors which come in various sizes, power ratings and shapes. There are also detectors which are rated as being heavy duty and also lighter mobile versions which can be easily carried as well as transported to affected places. In addition there are manual detectors that utilize conventional detection methods as well as electronic ones that use more sophisticated techniques by sending signals and then detecting them, sort of like how radar works. These detectors are mostly designed to be easy to use and do not require much training. In addition there are also a few detectors which work independently detecting leaks without the need to shut down your equipment, this helps to reduce overall downtime which obviously hampers production and can raise costs.

The gas company uses various types of leakage detector for natural gas

Many natural gas detectors function the same way that air detectors do with the only difference being that they are programmed to detect gas leaks. The majority of detectors used by the American gas company work by using radio frequencies that bounce back to sensors built into the system from various locations of a gas pipeline in order to detect a leak. However, more conventional gas detectors will work by measuring the pressure of the gas in a system in order to detect a leak.

Where to buy all Types of leakage detector?

There are a number of places from where you can purchase a leakage detector, however the best place to purchase one is from an online store. The reason why purchasing from an online store makes sense is because they often offer cheaper rates and they can deliver the detector to your home / office. In addition you can chose from a wide variety of detectors in order to find what works best for you. But you need to keep in mind that some detectors i.e. the latest ones can be very expensive.




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