Nitrogen Leak Detector

There are various manufacturing plants and house hold items which tend to leak lots of nitrogen into the atmosphere. The problem with leaking nitrogen is that it can be harmful for the health of young kids and adults alike. A plant which has machines or systems leaking nitrogen in large quantities is in fact putting its employees at risk of contracting nitrogen exposure related illnesses. A nitrogen leak detector can help home owners and owners of manufacturing plants scan and find nitrogen leaks.

There are numerous types of nitrogen leak detectors available today which include the following:

  • Conventional detectors – These usually consist of valves, gauges and pistons that monitor the flow of nitrogen and will report a leak as soon as it is detected.
  • Electronic nitrogen detectors – These are mostly sensor based detectors which are programmed to monitor a machine or pipeline for leaks in nitrogen. The sensors will sound an alarm as soon as a leak is detected.
  • Sonic nitrogen detectors – These are often portable devices that use ultrasonic frequencies to scan underground and hard to reach pipes and containers for nitrogen leaks.

How does a nitrogen leak detector work?

There are various types of nitrogen leak detectors and each type of detector works differently. A conventional leak detector will often sound an alarm when it sees the pressure dropping in a nitrogen transportation system for no apparent reason. However, this can also result in a number of false alarms. Electronic nitrogen detectors work by sniffing for nitrogen gas via their sensors; these sensors are programmed to trigger an alarm as soon as they detect a steady stream of nitrogen flowing outside of a nitrogen container. Sonic detectors are often used by engineers to track down a leak in a system, this works by sending out ultra sonic waves which help the device find a leak.

Installing a nitrogen leak detector

Installing a detector is often something which only experts should do since it requires knowledge of wiring and attaching sensors as well as the detection unit to a system carrying nitrogen. In an industrial setting there will often be more than one leak detector which helps to triangulate the source of a leak as well as verify if there is indeed a leak in the system. For a home user who wants to find leaks around his or her home a conventional handheld sonic detector should work best. These detectors are fairly inexpensive and are easy to use. But patching up a leak may be something that requires professional assistance.

Buying a nitrogen leak detector

If you want to purchase a nitrogen leak detector the easiest thing for you would be to search online. Many online stores have an excellent selection of leak detectors to choose from including cheaper models which are made in China. However, if you are looking for a durable leak detector you should probably purchase one which is made in the USA and is backed with a three year warranty, this way you can get your detector replaced as soon as there is a problem.



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