Plumbing Leak Detection

Plumbing leak detection is something that requires both skill as well as years of experience. Just having the right tools does not always work since there are numerous variables which need to be taken into consideration when trying to find a leak.

As a home owner there a number of tell tale signs that indicate you may have a leak which include:

  • You receive higher than normal bills
  • You smell the presence of gas (in the case of a gas leak) or see small puddles of water in your back yard (if it is a water leak)
  • Your overall gas or water pressure is not what it used to be
  • You can smell gas around your home even though your stoves are turned off

Using state of the art Plumbing leak detection to find leaks?

There are numerous things which can cause leaks which range from animals to simply a pipe which is wearing out, there will be small cracks that develop which later become holes from which large quantities of water or gas will begin to leak. Not getting a water or gas line fixed means that you’ll end up having to get your entire pipeline changed since it may become unsafe for use. Gas leaks are known to cause explosions and fires so this is something which needs to be taken very seriously. In most cases your home insurance should be able to cover any expenses you incur when it comes to hiring a plumbing leak detection expert.

What is used during plumbing leak detection?

When you call in an expert to find a leak there are a number of instruments he may use which includes an ultrasonic detector, a specialized leak detector, a visual mapping tool and probably even an ultrasound device. These tools will be used based on what type of leak he is dealing with, often times a leak is easy to find while in cases where the leak may be several feet under your home’s flooring things can be a lot more complicated as the specialist will need to use non-destructive methods to pinpoint the source of the leak. In the case of a gas leak he may also use a powerful set of microphones and a headset to listen for the leak.

How much does plumbing leak detection cost?

In the majority of cases you shouldn’t be the one paying his fee since this is something your home insurance should cover. However, if your insurance does not cover this you can expect to pay an expert by the hour. His hourly charge depending on how good he is can range from $15 to over $50 an hour. You can also negotiate an outright payment with him as well but it will mainly depend on how difficult it is going to be to find the leak. Then there is also the question of patching up the leak which should cost you a few dollars more, but if you look at it this method saves you a lot more money in terms of repairing damage done to your home.



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