Radiation Leakage Detector

A radiation leakage detector as the name suggests is a special detector which is used to detect high levels of radiation. While many commercially used detectors are large and are intended to be used to detect radiation levels at manufacturing plants and factories, the consumer version of these detectors are smaller and can help a person find radiation leakages in devices such as their microwave.

Radiation is all around us, everything from our cell phones to the light that we get from the sun is in the form of radiation. However, when the level of radiation rises it can cause all sorts of physical conditions which include:

  • Skin cancer
  • Blood cancer
  • Headaches
  • Infertility
  • Birth defects

This is why it is very important that radiation levels be monitored for leaks in electrical devices such as microwaves.

Home use radiation Leakage Detector

Everyone that uses a microwave or has a few cell phones around their home should have a radiation leakage detector. A radiation leakage detector will be able to tell you exactly what the level of radiation is in your home and if it is harmful. It can also help you find possible radiation leaks i.e. you can turn your microwave on and check it for leaks or even see if there is a leak in your television, or your new air condition unit. It is important to understand that even though you may not seem to be affected by the abnormally high levels of radiation around your home your kids certainly are, kids are more sensitive to radiation and so it can cause a number of problems for them.

Finding a good radiation leakage detector

There are a number of stores that sell these types of detectors; however the quality and the accuracy of the detector will mainly depend on who the manufacturer is. Many foreign manufacturers in their rush to sell the cheapest products often manufacture substandard radiation detectors which if anything are not accurate. If you are looking for a good radiation leakage detector you should always check out big name brands. You can also search online, there are numerous online stores selling leakage detectors at comparatively low rates.

The cost of a radiation leakage detector

A radiation leakage detector is not expensive and can be purchased for just around $100. Some of the latest detectors that use TFT screens and are programmable can cost around $500. However, there are cheaper alternatives but they are difficult to use and are not very accurate. Ideally you’ll want to purchase a detector which even your children can use so that everyone is aware of what the levels are and what they need to do in order to reduce it.

With an increasing number of household items emitting high levels of radiation it has become important for homeowners to have a detector in order to ensure that their family is safe. Sometimes badly manufactured electronics can cause big problems and so having a detector should help find and eliminate these potential issues.



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